Jasmine Clark (mikomb) wrote in jackworship,
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i love it


I feel like a silly fangirl. Haha.
whatz up!!!
um im bored jut saying hi!
ur in the area and hmm yah im just wasting time before my last class.
okay.. hi random person..
so whats up? um u go to ball state?? well i do, major in CJ and Journalism! have a great day.
course I do.. Japanese major.. I'm also taking as many foreign languages as possible..
awesome. well im outta here! off to damn sociology...yee ha...lata
Dear Jack"Ass",
The friends of rainbow_of_doom are nothing but caring people they talk to him when he is down and laugh with him when he is funny. Calling us immature is totally immature in itself. Mabye you should think of getting to know his friends before you judge them.

Anonymously Yours